2-port MINI_ITX


dual-core package oriented mini-itx router. Full version 80GB HDD, Memory Upgade, Mirror/RAID drive...
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Pfsense Firewall Router
Ready to use. Pfsense full version 2.3.3 installed on 60GB Hard drive.
1x WAN, 1x LAN
LAN –*
*admin / pfsense

Tech Specs:
Intel Celeron M 1.66ghz Dual Core CPU (very reliable)
2GB Memory
60GB Disk Drive.
2x Ethernet ports
2x USB ports.
Serial Console (cable provided).
Embedded Industrial motherboard – (Very reliable – 30 watts).
Power supply included.
60GB Full Version Pfsense Disk Drive

14 day warranty
Free shippping. Colors may vary: Black, Red, or Silver.
Pfsense, Untangle or m0n0wall. PDE
Ready to configure pfsense features – Load Balancing, WAN/LAN Failover, DMZ, and VPN.
Please email with any questions or if you prefer additional memory and/or an USB backup. Installed version will be the current version.

Leave a note at check out if you prefer Pfsense version 2.1.5 or another version.
Thanks for looking.

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