Serial Console


Setup your serial console early you will be glad you did.

Use your favorite console terminal program or one of these:

A. Teraterm – version 3.1.3:
A nice Terminal Program
Teraterm setup Instructions
B. PuTTY – an SSH and telnet client
Putty download site
Setting up Putty

1. Connect your null serial cable to the router.

2. Open your terminal program. Use this speed and settings: 9600/8/N/1

3. Plug in your router and wait for the BIOS to finish and then pfsense will load.

Here is a link to the pfsense page where they let you know the settings for version 2.2.
Console Types
Make a note that 9600 is used in your router.

Log into the UI (User Interface) in your browser, go to the “General Settings” in the “Advanced” menu, and at the bottom of the page change or note the serial setting should be 9600.


This was recommended – Keyspan USA-19H which works with Windows (requires their driver). Others are available, of course.

Keyspan USB to Serial

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