Unable to Update/Spinning Wheel

RE: Update wheel keeps turning and unable to update  pfsense

pfsense 2.3

Version 2.3.(1) of pfsense (NanoBSD) does not allow you to update to a newer version. Also, the update “wheel” on the Dashboard just keep spinning.

Follow this process to correct the issue. Plug in your ethernet cables
and boot the router.

Open pfsense in your your browser and sign into the

1. Check that the system is RW mode. Do it at the prompt or via the GUI at       DIAGNOSTICS |  NANOBSD.

2. It’s a good idea to have setup your serial console, but you can run this next command from the WebGUI –> Go to DIAGNOSTICS | COMMAND PROMPT.

This will fix the “Obtain update status” and “Update” problem, but will need some fine tuning.

Type this command in the “Execute Shell Command” space
to update repositories.

    –>  “pkg version” (without the quotation marks).

–> Wait for the update to complete.

–> reboot

2. You are in RO mode after the reboot. Go to DIAGNOSTICS | NANOBSD  and change to RW.

3. Go to  SYSTEM | UPDATE | UDATE SETTINGS and tick the “Disable the automaic dashboard auto-update check” and save.

Return to the Dashboard and you will see that the “Version” is showing.  The spinning-wheel is gone and “auto update” is off  which is what we want to do for now.

Also, you are using an CF card and your system should be running in RO (Read Only) mode.

   4. Go to DASHBOARD | NANOBSD  switch to Read-Only


Pfsense will correct this issue in the next version. You will be able to  ignore this tutorial soon. (April 20th 42016).


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